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    Sigma Group serves a wide range of industries

    Food and Drink

    • Restaurants and Cafes
    • Catering
    • Food Trucks


    • Mechanical Workshops
    • Autobody Shops
    • Car Wash and Detailers


    • Commercial and Residential
    • Subcontractors
    • All Trade Types

    Digital and Marketing

    • Search Marketing
    • Web Developers
    • Digital Designers


    • Medical Practices
    • Physio and Chiro
    • Specialist Clinics

    Non Profit

    • Child Safety
    • Emergency Relief
    • Poverty Alleviation

    Some of your frequently asked accounting questions

    Why do I need to pay tax?

    There is a saying  “death and taxes are certain in our life”. Paying taxes doesn’t only help our government to fund services like health, education, defence, transport, new infrastructure, etc. but it also helps our fellow citizens who are less fortunate through our social security systems.

    How can you help me to reduce my tax?

    It depends on your age, family and business structures. We work around your short and long term financial goals to tackle the tax. By implementing effective tax planning and evaluating your overall financial position every year we provide advice on different options to minimise your tax.

    Where did my profit go?

    Most small business owners tend to think that their business’s money is their money and withdraw it from the business account to themselves. In addition to the expenses, the business needs to pay the other obligation like BAS, Super and tax. The business owners are only entitled to take home the remaining profit after tax. If you are not on top of your obligation and withdrawals, this question can be tough to answer.

    What structure is right for my business?

    Not one structure is fit for all kinds of businesses. Good advisers can analyse your business risk, financial needs and asset protection to determine the best structure that fits your purpose.

    How will you help me to grow my business?

    The key to growing a business starts from understanding your business. We take every step to understand your business, we often visit your business premises and go through the way you do your business. Then we will offer our advice on how you can increase your revenue and minimise your expenses to expand the business opportunities. On top of that, it is our job to do all things tax and finance right so that you can focus on growing your business.

    Should I lease or buy?

    Cash flow is crucial for small businesses. If you buy you will own the assets outright but leasing will give you a right to use the assets. Sometimes the tax incentives from the governments might push you to decide between buying or leasing the necessary equipment. But it is always good to do a cash flow assessment before you make a decision.

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